My story

I’m a Minneapolis transplant from rural Minnesota. I love social documentaries, ponies, v-neck tshirts, whiskey and nice people who are passionate about doing great things.

I share my life with my wonderful husband, Nick, our beautiful feline, Howard, and my lovely equine compadre, Lady.


  • Eva is a remarkably talented designer. She makes the whole process a lot of fun and has a lot of incredible ideas. I would recommend her to anyone.

    — Jake Scott, Theater Artist

    Interplanetary Appeal
  • She’s awesome.

    — Jay Holgate, Smoke Artist, Pixel Farm

    Pixel Farm
  • Work with her! She is a wonderful designer with a wonderful eye for smart design and a great mind for problem solving, user experience and creative strategy. She has a great heart and really cares about who she works with and what she creates. Everyone who has a chance to work with Eva should feel fortunate for it.

    — Dan Horan, Creative

    Zeus Jones
  • You will be VERY pleased with the results of Eva’s work. She’s an amazing designer and a true pleasure to work with. I will definitely hire her for future projects.

    — Samantha Massaglia, Strategy Director

    Samantha’s Blog
  • Eva is the best. She wraps her head around what the client needs and her design execution and taste is so fresh, clean and awesome. If you have doubts, you’re dumb.

    — Will Caesar, Copywriter / Musician

  • Eva is a rare individual who is extremely dedicated to helping emerging companies succeed in the digital world. She brings perspective and insight as well as tremendous energy and positivity to every project. It was an absolute delight to work with her.

    — Amy Myers, Founder of Kloss + Amy

    Kloss + Amy
  • Eva is a pleasure to work with. She comes into project meetings prepared and with a smile, and she is great at taking feedback including constructive criticism. I worked with her while she freelanced at Colle+McVoy, and it was a joy. She is a skilled designer, and I highly recommend you considering her for your next design project.

    — Chad Rieder, Junior Creative Developer

    Tone Blu
  • Eva is a delight to work with. She always has an infectiously positive attitude, she shares design insights that are always spot-on and her sincerity and heart cannot be matched. There are simply no regrets when working with Eva.

    — Lee Kimball, Copywriter

    Lee’s Website
  • Eva is very thorough and patient in executing her projects. In my experience she met all deadlines and delivered exactly what the client was hoping for. Everyone involved on the project had high remarks for Eva’s work.

    — Brad Greenwald, Sr. User Interface Engineer

  • Go with Eva — she’s a pro! She can find an elegant, functional solution to anything. She has a keen eye and a sharp mind. If there’s a way, Eva will find it — and be graceful, professional, and economical about it. She’s the best!

    — Irina Levin, Storyboard Artist / Illustrator

    Paper Affinity
  • Eva has been nothing but professional, attentive, flexible and full of creativity. I would highly recommend her as she obviously has a strong zest for her craft and is very fun and easy to work with.

    — Conrad Schoenleber, Promoter / Talent Buyer

    Hydrive Shows
  • Eva is a great designer and hard worker. I enjoyed working with her and would recommend her to anyone.

    — Alix Nichols, Interactive Designer

    Alix’s Website
  • She’s one of the best, brightest, most talented young designers I have ever met.

    — Andrew Korf, Digital Architect

    Andrew’s Website
  • Eva is one of the most hardworking and dedicated designers I have ever had a chance to work with. Along with her amazing skill set, she always brings a positive mindset and a new creative perspective to any project.

    — Travis Kragh, Art Director

    Travis’ Website
  • Eva is a brilliant designer who understands her clients and their needs. Everything is designed to perfection and fits with exactly what the client wants and what they need. She’s a wonderful person and it would be a mistake not to work with her.

    — Matt Brickner, Art Director

  • Eva is a dedicated, thoughtful and passionate designer who is attentive to the details that make a creative project beautiful without losing site of the big picture that ensures it’s on target. Her work will launch you and your business into the outstretched arms of your delighted audience dancing in the mosh pit of success.

    — Todd Zerger, Creative Director

    Brainstorm Overload
  • Eva’s quiet exterior hides the amazing fire to do amazing work. Her determination to get things done exceptionally and on time are a wonder to behold. I would recommend Eva to anyone looking for a designer because she is one of the best.

    — Glenn Chipman, Art Director

    Glenn’s Website

Who I’ve worked with

I love helping out my friends in the industry! Tackling your project to-do lists to make your work day more manageable is one of the big reasons why I love my job so much. I know from experience that we work in a chaotic industry and I’m here to help share the load. If you need any help, please reach out!